Honda Bay Island Hopping – Starfish, Luli and Cowry Islands

Good day everyone!  Today, I am going to talk about our 1 day Honda Bay island hopping.  We hopped to 3 different islands in Honda Bay, Palawan. It was a beautiful day for an island hopping and we were lucky that a typhoon just exited the Philippines. The sea was calm, the sky was blue... Continue Reading →

Underground River Subterranean National Park, Palawan

Hello. This is a continuation from my last post about Palawan.  After we arrived in Puerto Princesa, the hotel's van picked us up at the airport, checked in our bags and we changed to a suitable outfit for the underground river. You may want to wear a t-shirt, shorts and slippers but in my case,... Continue Reading →

A Paradise called Palawan

I just came back yesterday from our Palawan trip. Going there cleared all my apprehensions and doubts about this place. It was my first time here and I was indeed impressed with its pristine beaches. I went there with my hubby, sisters and friends. I was scared of going there before because of news about... Continue Reading →

Travelling with allergies

It's quite a risk all the time travelling knowing I have allergies to a few things. One is my allergy to seafoods. I used to be able to tolerate shrimps, crabs and all kinds of seafoods. As I got older, it appears it has worsened instead of me getting immuned to it. How unfortunate having... Continue Reading →

Experience beautiful Bohol

Good day everyone!  I have another beautiful spot in the Philippines to talk about today. I'ts Beautiful Bohol.  Me and my hubby, together with my sister, went there to experience the white sands of Panglao Beach and to see other worth-visiting spots. We took a ferry from Dumaguete City.  It was a 2 hour slow ferry... Continue Reading →

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