Experience beautiful Bohol

Good day everyone!  I have another beautiful spot in the Philippines to talk about today.

I’ts Beautiful Bohol.  Me and my hubby, together with my sister, went there to experience the white sands of Panglao Beach and to see other worth-visiting spots.

We took a ferry from Dumaguete City.  It was a 2 hour slow ferry ride to the port of Tagbilaran, Bohol.

I had contacted someone from there to pick us up from the port.  It was part of our package.

We were picked up by a van by the brother of our supposedly tour guide but was informed that it’s usually his brother who drives the tourists around Bohol.

We were brought to Alona Tropical Beach Resort in Panglao by our tourguide.  It was a 45 minute drive from Tagbilaran.  It was a bit far since there was no traffic.  We arrived at Alona a bit late for dinner time.  It was a nice, quiet resort and it was clean.  The food was superb.

Alona Beach Resort, Panglao Bohol
Alona Beach Resort, Panglao Bohol

It was a beach front resort and it was quiet.  Not like Boracay where you see a lot of people if your hotel is at the beach front.

We had an average sized cottage but big enough for the three of us.  It was night time so the beauty of the beach was not too obvious as it was dark.

We were so excited the next day as it was our island hopping schedule. We were to go snorkeling at Balicasag.

We were picked up at the resort and got to a beach shore where a big pump boat was waiting for us.  I thought there were other tourists who will be joining us in the boat it was only me and my hubby and my sister.

So, off we went to Balicasag island.   On our way to the island, our boatman was fishing and he got his fresh catch of the day.

Fresh catch of the day_2
I’m not sure if this is a swordfish but it looks like one.
Bohol sea
On our way to Balicasag Island.

We were to eat our breakfast there and it was such a big surprise as the food we ordered was so expensive.

There were no restaurants.  It was just a table and a bench in an open setting and we were only told what food was available: Pork and fish.

We ordered grilled pork chop,rice and soda and that cost usPhp900!  It was like, “whoa, did we just eat at Greenbelt, Makati!” hahaha.

I was expecting it will just cost us Php300 or less since it was just 1 order of grilled pork – 6-7 slices, a bowl of rice good for 3 people and 1 liter or Coke. Anyway, if you are to go to Balicasag, make sure you bring your own food.

After our so expensive breakfast, we were scheduled to have our snorkeling.  We hired a small boat to bring us to the snorkeling spot of the island.  I forgot how much it costs to rent that small boat.The rent included snorkeling masks.

There were lots of other tourists there so it was like a race to the best snorkeling spot. lol.

The boatman stopped our boat to a spot which was maybe 150 meters away from the shore.  We had to take a boat as it was difficult to go snorkeling if we passed by the beach shore.  It was rocky.  No photos coz we didn’t have a water camera.

Our next stop was at Virgin Island.

Virgin Island
Before I got off the boat, just had my picture taken because of the beautiful blue waters of Virgin Island of Bohol behind me.
Me and my sister – Virgin Island Bohol
Virgin Island - island hopping stop
Crystal clear waters of Virgin Island, Bohol

Back to Alona Beach Resort, Panglao

It was past 3pm when we got back to Panglao Beach.  We strolled along the beach to see the people and to enjoy the sands.  We also took a dip at the crystal clear waters of the beach.

Sunset at Panglao beach
Panglao Beach at sundown
Panglao beach, Bohol at sunset
parked boats at sundown

The next day, we had our breakfast.

White sand of Panglao Bohol with my sister
white sands of Panglao Beach in front of Alona Beach Resort

Then, after our breakfast, we prepared to check out early as we still had other places to visit.  Next in our plan was to go to the Chocolate Hills of Bohol.

Chocolate Hills of Bohol
Viewing deck of Chocolate Hills, Bohol
My sister at the viewing deck - Chocoate Hills Bohol
My sister posing below the viewing deck.

Chocolate Hills of Bohol viewing deck

Next stop was our lunch at the Loboc River.

Jumpshot at the Manmade forrest
Our jumpshot at the man-made forrest.
Tarsier - smallest monkey in the world
Tarsier – smallest monkey in the world at the Tarsier sanctuary.

That was our trip to Bohol, a very memorable one and will definitely come back here to relax.

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