Travelling with allergies

It’s quite a risk all the time travelling knowing I have allergies to a few things. One is my allergy to seafoods. I used to be able to tolerate shrimps, crabs and all kinds of seafoods. As I got older, it appears it has worsened instead of me getting immuned to it.

How unfortunate having seafoods allergy when travelling to a lot of isalnds here in the Philippines means exposing myself to a feast of seafoods. Such a terrible feeling knowing I can only smell it but never be able to eat it at all. I am not scared of the itchiness or getting hives/rashes but the risk of my throat swelling to a point of me having difficulty to breathe scares me. I just thought what if that happens and I’m in one of the remote islands I’ve visited.

That’s why it’s essential for me to always carry my antihistamine with me together with my first aide kit.

Hives can be such a bothersome coz you really don’t know what weather temperature will trigger it. It comes out when it’s hot or cold so I always make sure to prepare myself for it.

Please visit if you need tips on how to relieve hives or rashes.

Another is my rhinitis. Usually it’s pollen that triggers it and travelling means outdoors. Outdoors mean nature and nature means plants and trees. Haha! The challenge I have to deal all the time when travelling but this doesn’t stop me. Life is an adventure with all its risks. Allergy cannot stop me.

Next week, I will be in Palawan with my hubby, sisters and friends.

I will talk about it when I get back. I’m so excited to share photos here.

Good evening everyone.

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