Underground River Subterranean National Park, Palawan


This is a continuation from my last post about Palawan.  After we arrived in Puerto Princesa, the hotel’s van picked us up at the airport, checked in our bags and we changed to a suitable outfit for the underground river.

You may want to wear a t-shirt, shorts and slippers but in my case, I wore a rash guard since we were to go inside a cave and dunno what’s in store for us.

It took 2 hours to reach the Sabang Port from the city of Puerto Princesa.  Mind you. If you have motion sickness, you may need to take Bonamine or whatever pill your doctor has prescribed to you as the trip to the port was 90% zigzag.

We also had to take a boat, which was a 20 minute ride to cross the sea to reach the other side of the island. That was at the Sabang port.

Here are some pictures of our trip to the Underground River of Palawan.

Sabang port
Sabang port
Sabang Port
Sabang Port
After our 20 minute ride from Sabang port, we finally reached the shore where we had our Underground River tour. It was a rough boat ride since Typhoon Amang just exited the country.


Beware of wandering monkeys. They snatch things from you especially if they see you carrying a plastic bag. In our case, she almost snatched the bag which my hubby was carrying thinking it has food.
Outside the cave
This is the boat that took us inside the Underground River.
This was taken when we were about to enter the cave. Btw, me and my husband chose to sit in front as advised by a friend. He said it’s good to be in front since it will be dark inside the cave but those who will sit in front will hold the battery-operated light that will guide the boatman.





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