Honda Bay Island Hopping – Starfish, Luli and Cowry Islands

Good day everyone!  Today, I am going to talk about our 1 day Honda Bay island hopping.  We hopped to 3 different islands in Honda Bay, Palawan. It was a beautiful day for an island hopping and we were lucky that a typhoon just exited the Philippines.

The sea was calm, the sky was blue and the sun was shining so bright. We visited 3 islands, which were part of our Honda Bay tour.  It included pick up from our hotel, boat ride to the 3 islands to be visited and a buffet lunch.

The 3 islands are Starfish Island, Luli Island and Cowry Island.  So far, the best is Cowry Island though I enjoyed feeding the fish in Luli.

We were advised to rent aqua shoes but we thought it was not necessary so we just rented snorkeling gears.  We were right.  Aqua shoes wasn’t necessary.  Btw, my friend rented aqua shoes or her 5 year old daughter.

Also, we could have rented only 2 snorkeling gears instead of 3.  Me and my sisters usually enjoy swimming rather than snorkel.  If you love doing so, I guess it’s best if you bring your own if you have it but if not, you may rent it for P100-150.

Without much further ado, here are the photos of the island tour. Starfish Island:  I did not personally like this island, though it is white sand yet  some parts of the beach is a bit rocky.

This is where we had our buffet lunch.  It’s called Starfish Island because of too many starfishes found here.IMG_0230

Cottages on Starfish Island
Parked boats on Starfish Island.
One of the starfishes in the water. Patrick, is that you? Where’s Spongebob 🙂


Next island we went to was Luli Island.  Its name was derived from the local term “lulubog” which means submerge and “lilitaw” which means appear or reappear.  This island submerges during high tide and reappears when it’s low tide. By the way, beware of this island as it has lots of jellyfishes and stone fishes.  Anyway, they have placed a net  on areas where you can swim and go snorkeling while feeding the fishes.  Also, there is  a “No Swimming” warning sign on the areas not good for swimming. Me and my hubby enjoyed feeding the fish while we snorkeled to watch them eat.  I stopped feeding when I felt something stung me on my back.  Not sure what it was but the owner of the travel agency, who by the way, was with us on this trip, said it’s small fishes that stung me. I thought it was jelly fish so had to cut short to fish-feeding activity but it was fun as literally, a school of fish will flock you to eat the bread you feed them. Here are the photos for Luli Island. IMG_0251

Diving board in Luli. For those taller than 5″11, watch out as this is not so deep. To the far right, that’s where you can go snorkeling and feed the fishes.
IMG_0257 - Copy
My hubby thought if it’s high tide and the water gets past the height of the net, the jelly fish and stone fish can still get to the other side where it’s tourists are allowed to swim. I guess it’s best if you bring aloe gel with you or shaving cream to relieve the sting just in case it can’t be avoided. Don’t use vinegar as this will only make matters worse.

IMG_0266 IMG_0269

The last island is Cowry Island.  Among the 3, this is so far the best as the beach is cleaner.  Water is also less salty compared to Luli.  I guess it’s was to save the best for last.

This is just 5-10 minutes away from the Honda Bay port that’s why this is the last island we visited. There is a restaurant here,  henna tattoo artists and you may avail of their massage in a hut.

On the far right hut, is the massage hut. I don’t know how much it is but I just took a photo of it.
This is restaurant and the henna tattoo artists also hang out here.

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