Weekend market- Centris, Quezon Ave.

When you visit the Philippines, please visit the weekend markets. The ones I know are Legaspi Weekend market which is in Makati and the other one is in Centris in Quezon Quezon Ave, QC. This is btw during Sundays only.

You will see different small businesses here, from food to clothes to plants, etc. Market starts at 6am and ends at 2pm.

Last Sunday morning,after me and my hubby attended mass, we decided to visit the weekend market at Centris.

I have visited this market before but just thought of sharing it here. This is located behind Mcdonald’s which is before Quezon Ave mrt station if you are coming from the south.

My hubby has a favorite here, Mary’s kitchen’s Chicken Galantina. It’s their best seller.

Usually, if it’s a typical hot day, you will be sweating a lot so you need to bring a paper/plastic fan and a hankie. But last Sunday, it was a bit gloomy and it drizzled so it wasn’t that hot.

Here are some photos I took.







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