Oslob Whale Shark Watching bus and ferry schedules

Good day everyone. For those interested to go whale shark watching, here’s the ferry and bus schedule and fare rate as of 2015.

By the way, Oslob is a municipality in the province of Cebu. Tourists are allowed to swim with the whales but you can just stay in the boat if you are too scared to get in the water.

My sisters went there with my nephews and niece. They said it was fun and scary at the same time but you are not allowed to touch these harmless giants of the sea.

Just be ready, though, if you want your picture taken by the boatmen. The guy who will be your guide while swimming with the whales will push you down underwater with you not being ready yet to post for a photo with the whale lol.

My sisters just laughed when they told me this story. They said their pictures somehow appeared like they were being drowned in the sea by a stranger instead of a photo with the whales. πŸ˜„








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