Boracay – What other things to do aside from swimming and partying


Din-iwid Beach, Boracay: Photo by Jack Jarilla
Boracay is one of the beautiful places to visit when you are in the Philippines.  Don’t miss out this island when you’re visiting the country.  It’s famous for its white sand, clear water and parties.

Here is a photo of Boracay from my last visit there.

Boracay Sunset
If you are coming from other countries, there are 2 entry points to visit the Philippines.  One is in Manila and the other is in Mactan, Cebu.

From Manila, you can fly directly to Caticlan island which is just a 1 hour flight or you may choose to fly to Kalibo.  From Kalibo, you still need to travel by land for less than 2 hours to reach Boracay Island.

If you choose to fly from Cebu, there is also a direct flight to Caticlan and Kalibo so you can reach Boracay.  It’s less than an hour of flying because Cebu is near Boracay compared to Manila.

Please see map  of the Philippines where Boracay is located.


Now, when you arrive in Boracay, there are many inns and hotels to choose from.  You just need to decide if you want to stay at Station 1, 2 or 3.

Station 3  is nearest the drop off port and there are a lot of  accommodations to choose from.  Station 2 is where most parties are happening but if you love parties, you wouldn’t mind the noise and music  Station 1 is a bit far and quiet.

If you are a budget traveller, you don’t need to stay at the beach front.  There are a lot of hotels that are non beach front but are still nice and clean.

We stayed at La Plage Hotel at the back part of Station 1.  It was a 5 minute walk to the beach front.  It was so quiet with no noise coming from the street.  Their room was clean and spacious.  The rate was affordable but there was no breakfast included.  You may book with them through or you can just click on the photos of the hotel to know about their 2015 Summer rates.

La Plage 2 La Plage

For food, don’t forget to have a taste of this calamansi muffin.  It’s located in a small alley in Station 2.  You need to inform the owner a day before if you want to buy it because it gets sold out all the time. You’re lucky if there are available muffins when you drop by. We had this after we parasailed and we informed the owner we will be back after our ride.

Fresh from the oven calamansi muffins and brownies

Also, the choriburger which is a beach food stall. No photo sorry.

Don’t forget this Mati chocolate sin cake at Zuzuni Boutique hotel at Station 1. It’s a beach front hotel. I love the chocolate filling… so yummy.

Mati Chocolate Sin Cake or commonly known as choco lava cake
If you are looking for a not so expensive restaurant, have a taste of Big Mama’s.  This is somewhere in Station 2.

What other things to do when you are in Boracay aside from partying and swimming.

Drive an ATV and go to Mt.Luho, the highest peak in Boracay.  There’s also a zipline here which we didn’t try it.

IMG_0406 IMG_0413

Ride the Zorb ball, only if you enjoy pain but I will not recommend it.   It was fun but it was literally a pain  in the neck. I thought my neck broke while the zorb ball started rolling.

IMG_0449 IMG_0448

Inside the zorb ball… all smiles because we survived but I didn’t like this ride at all. It was my first and last and never again will I ride this.
Para-sail. It was a 30 minute ride but it took longer for us to wait to be in our chutes.  We waited for almost 2 hours because there were too many people wanting this ride too.  It was quite expensive though. I remember we paid Php3,000 for 2.

You can also tour around Boracay. You may rent a small boat and you’ll get to see the other side of the island.

Puka beach

crystal clear water of Puka Beach, Boracay
I heard there’s also a helicopter ride in Boracay but we haven’t tried it.  Then, there’s banana boat but since it was only me and my hubby who went there, this ride is usually good for a group of friends so we didn’t try this too.

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