In search of a houseplant that releases Oxygen at night…found it in Quezon City Memorial Circle

I wanted a particular indoor house plant because it releases oxygen at night. Quite beneficial for health so me and my husband started looking for it yesterday.

We first thought of going to Greenhills but then decided to go to Quezon City Memorial Circle since it’s nearer our place.

Off we went there. By the way, this is the plant I was looking for yesterday.

Snake plant or commonly known as Espada. It releases oxygen at night.

We went there at 12 noon because we wanted to have lunch there before starting our search for this plant.

I started taking photos when the taxi cab dropped us off there. That was my first time to visit QCMC(Quezon City Memorial Circle).

It was a beautiful day yesterday. The sky was blue and it was hot. I consider a hot day a beautiful day, even to the point of having a migraine.  As long as the sky is blue, that will be a fine day for me.


One fine day in Quezon City Memorial Circle
Quezon City Memorial Circle, Philippines

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I bought 2 small pots of Snake plants from QCMC and I’m happy with it.

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