El Nidolicious, Palawan

If El Nido’s a food, it’s indeed delicious.

We arrived last April 27, 2015 and we had our tours to different islands the next day.

We will be here until Friday,May 1st.

It was more than 5 hours bumpy land trip from Puerto Princesa to here.  It was a tiring ride because of the non-stop winding road.

The long trip here was all worth it seeing the most amazing place in the Philippines I have ever visited.

Me and my 2 other buddies were in awe when we started our island hopping tours.

We didn’t know where to start taking photos because on your left to your right were magnificent subjects for photoshoots.

We wanted to capture everything around us in our phone cameras.

There appears to have more foreign tourists here than local ones.

In my observation, there are 95% foreign tourists who travel to see El Nido and mostly coming from Europe.

Here is a glimpse of El Nido. I will add more photos soon.










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