Ice Skating in the Tropics

Ever dreamed of ice skating? If you want to try it, there’s always the skating rinkS of SM Megamall and MOA. I tried it for the first time and I was with my neice.

I knew it will not be easy coz I had a hard time using rollers skates and blades even as a kid. Just thought, why not try ice skating for the sake of doing something I’ve never done before.

So off we went to Megamall. My hubby didn’t join us since he said he will be our photographer.

I took photos of the rates too.  Here are our photos:


rate per person
Measure your feet size here to get the perfect fit for your ice skates
bleachers for those who want to watch
me and my neice before entering the ice floor
trying to balance


we tried to move around the ice floor but couldn’t go to the middle part of the floor
this is where you get your ice skates

bear aid for those who want a balancing aid. we tried to rent it but they have very few of this so we were not able to use one


had finally let go of the side bar but still could not slide and glide
It was tiring doing this for just an hour. It felt like i tried out at a circuit training gym.

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