Oysters for only P50? – cheaper by the basin

A basin of oysters is definitely expensive if you are in Metro Manila but not in a place which I recently discovered. Not really me discovering it but my sister and brother in law took me and my hubby to this restaurant that sells a basin of oyster for only P50! We bought it to take it home for my dad’s birthday.

I asked where these oysters come from and they said it’s from Roxas City. I heard oysters is much cheaper there but since I couldn’t go there, P50/basin is still cheap.
Here is the place you’d like to drop by for cheap oysters when you’re in Bacolod City.

Gerry’s Talabahan


This is located along Burgos St and it’s near the Burgos market. It’s not an air-conditioned restaurant just an fyi.

It is just beside a gas station. We bought 5 basins of oysters which only cost P250. I remember ordering a small bucket of oysters in Ortigas and Makati and that cost me P300. That’s a lot of difference.


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