Across the Philippines

I just thought of compiling a few videos and photos into one to share it here in Byaheng Pilipinas.  These were taken from different places in the Philippines though I was not able to include all places I’ve visited.

These were all taken using a smart phone / tablet so the resolution may not be too good.  Please bear with it.  I find digital cameras a hassle coz I will need to remove the memory card and insert it in my laptop whereas if it’s a smartphone, I can just connect it to my pc and viola!  I can get the photos and videos right away.  I know there are digicams which can upload photos and videos online right away but I don’t have that so I’m okay with my smart phone for now, which is by the way, 4 years old now ha ha.

Below is the video I created in youtube.  Please watch it. Hope you enjoy it.

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