Things to do in Baler besides surfing

Hey there.  Good evening!  Today, I’ll talk about other things you can do in Baler besides surfing.  I’m pretty sure not every one who goes there would like to try surfing.  It will just hurt a bit to try surfing ha ha “D in such a way that you’re like doing a military push up when you try to stand up on the surf board but anyway, will discuss surfing next time.

For now, here are some things you can do in Baler aside from being at the beach.  You can rent a tricycle to give you a tour.  By the way, if you plan to go surfing, don’t go hiking at Ermita Hill on the same day.  It’s gonna be very tiring.

What me and husband did was to just select a few places to see and you can discuss with the trike driver how much will it cost.  We didn’t have much time coz we wanted to learn surfing in the afternoon so off we went on a city tour in the morning until 2pm.  We paid the driver P400 to get us to Museo de Baler,  Auroa Quezon House, Ermita Hill and the Hanging Bridge.   If you want to visit all tourist spots, you will have to pay P500 if I’m not mistaken but that’s what I remember hearing from the trike driver.  If you are a group, you may want to inquire at Charlie Does.  They have a shuttle and can give you group rate to rent their van. They have a desk at Costa Pacifica Hotel near the front desk.

  1. First stop was at Museo de Baler.  This is where you find the town’s history like.  Entrance fee is P30 so keep your ticket coz you will need to show it to the lady at Aurora Quezon’s house.  P30 ticket is both for the museum and the Aurora Quezon house.

2.  Aurora Quezon house – the wife of former President Manuel Quezon, one of the presidents of the Philippines.



3.  Baler Church – we did not really get inside so just took a photo of it since there was an ongoing mass that time.  This is the church where the last Spanish soldiers stayed for 11 months who stood guard against the Filipino forces. This is located in front of Aurora Quezon’s house so even if we didn’t include this in our list, we still had the chance to see it.


4. Ermita Hill – this is a public park so there is no entrance fee.  You just need to enlist your name at the park entrance.  This is where people go up if there is a danger of tsunami and flood in Baler. There are viewing decks where you can see the Sabang Beach, popularly known for surfing.

There is also the highest peak in Ermita Hill.  It’s 270 steps going up so you need to bring a face towel and water coz that means it’s also 270 steps going down.  We thought there was a viewing deck up there but there was none.  We saw a white cross and some wooden benches.  It was a tiring climb so if you are not into hiking, you may not want to go up those stairs.

5.  The last stop was to see the Hanging Bridge.  Nothing really extraordinary but I got a little nervous when I tried to pose there for my photo for less than a minute.  I had to run back coz I felt like the bridge was gonna break loose ha ha.  I don’t think I can cross to the other side.

You need to go up a few stairs to cross this bridge but you need to be careful when going down coz it’s a little steep.

There are also 3 souvenir shops here and we bought a native bag  and a few small items like a ref magnet, etc.

If you are staying at Sabang beach resorts/hotels, you may want to drop by this popular bake shop.  It’s Dialyn’s(pronounced as Dayaleen’s).  You may ask the tricycle driver to take you there. Try their bacon and cheese bread and if you like, you can bring some on your trip back to Manila if you are taking the bus.  It’s non stop so you could get really hungry.

So that’s it!  That was our tour in Baler.  I’ll post again soon about my experience in surfing.  It was really fun!  I guess I felt like I lost a few pounds trying to get myself to stand up on the surf board and to balance myself.  I’ll share a few tips on how to get on the surfboard even as a beginner with no surfing experience ha ha ha. As if I have the right to discuss about surfing but it’s just a beginner’s tip. Have a good evening!

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