Surfing is like a bad break up! Look what’s behind you so you can move forward

I just realized surfing is like having a bad breakup.  In order to move forward, you just need to look behind and let that big wave push you forward.  Standing up the surfing board is no easy task for a lot and there are those who could get up and balance right away even as beginners.

Well, people handle situations differently so we just need to learn it from the waves.  There are times when we only feel the calm seas but then, small  or big waves can come our way.  We just need to learn how to ride with it.

For small waves, we can let it sway us gently or play by jumping over it but for big waves, if you stand up and try to resist it, it will definitely knock you off into the waters.   You have a choice.  You can let the big waves drown you or you try to get up on the surfboard and let it push you forward. It is no guarantee that you will always stay on board.  If you fall into the waters, just try to get on board again.

Here is a video of Sabang Beach, Baler with surfers enjoying the waves:

T’was fun learning how to surf in Baler.  Getting up on the board wasn’t easy when we hired a surf instructor in Baler to teach us the basic.   We paid Php300.00/hour each.  My instructor was a local teenage boy named Rene.  He was such a smiling and quite a sociable teen.  He said he was doing it to earn cash to help him with school expenses.  He was good in teaching me coz I was able to stand up and balance myself on the surf board.  My husband’s instructor was Kuya Jerry. My husband was able to kneel on his board.

We were taught the basics: how to lie down in our stomach, hold the surf board, how to get ready to stand up and then finally, how to balance after standing up.  This was taught while we were still on the beach shores but when we were in the waters, it was fun and I felt so thrilled to stand up on my board.

You will see beach umbrellas of local surf instructors but usually they would offer their services while you stroll along the boardwalk in front of the beach resorts. 


Sabang Beach boardwalk






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