A unique anniversary activity – Archery

My wife and I recently celebrated our 5th year wedding anniversary, and we decided to try something new and different together, so we decided to try Cupid’s / Legolas / Hawkeye’s hobby – Archery.

I was initially introduced to this sport (I think so?), by heading out to Alabang Town Center and went into a sports store named Decathlon. I saw that there were Archery equipment in which we would have loved to try, but there were a lot of people trying there archery equipment. We then decided to look for a place in which we can try this sport.

We first headed to DMZ Archery the place is within Visayas Avenue, Quezon City. You would need to have a car to access the place / public commute is not that accessible. The place is inside a subdivision and is sharing a space with a beauty parlor. A perfect opportunity to try Archery while you’re loved one is getting dolled up. I was initially surprised by the number of young folks trying this sport. Was amazed on how beautiful there murals were. The place was small and crammed up though, but our experience was amazing, all thanks to the wonderful coach that taught us the basics. The coach was funny / witty and entertaining which made our experience enjoyable and the mood light. It costs us 200 PHP per head which is inclusive of 1 hour coaching session with use of their equipment.

After having a wonderful experience I decided to take the misses out and try Archery, we were lucky enough to bump into this Archery Range inside a Shopping Mall at SM North Edsa, Annex Building. The Archery Range was called Arrowland by Gandiva. Initial impression showed me how pricy the place was due to the fact that they count the arrows you can shoot, and if you opt in to try the hourly rate, you have to bring your own equipment, which I can’t figure out how you can bring your own bow and arrow inside a shopping mall due to the strict security inside shopping malls in the Philippines now a days. Initial costs for 2 persons were at 475 PHP per for 2 persons and you can shoot 50 arrows divided by 2 persons which includes use of their equipment and a coach. I was then shocked when they asked me that I had to pay for the paper that serves as a target, they charge 40 PHP per paper per person. I guess that’s the price you pay for accessibility.

In summary, I would recommend to going to DMZ Archery for beginners, they’re very hands on and accommodating to their customers plus your initial experience won’t cost that much. For experienced shooters I would recommend heading over to Arrowland by Gandiva due to the accessibility of their branches and you can take your time in shooting arrows and would not need to wait for the class to be filled in before you can start shooting those arrows.

Facebook pages of the Archery Ranges:

DMZ Archery: https://www.facebook.com/dmzarchery/

Arrowland by Gandiva: https://www.facebook.com/ArrowlandPH/

Picture we took during the experience

DMZ Archery:


Arrowland by Gandiva – SM North Edsa, Annex Branch


The information above mentioned is based from my opinion and experience and no way sponsored by any establishments.

Ryan Quito



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