1st Philippine Outdoor Adventure of 2018 – Tarlac, ATV Adventure Philippines


We decided to first try cart racing but prices (250 for every 5 minutes) and the travel time to avail of kart racing in Manila was not worth it.

Luckily someone from our group found this All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) rental place called Capas ATV Adventure. We were wondering, where’s the course in which we can ride these bad boys. Huh?

So we decided to venture out on this adventure to find out for ourselves and to start our year.

It took us about 3 hours by private car (inclusive of stopover) from Quezon City to get to the location. The direction to the place is available through GPS applications like google maps, Waze, etc.

The location is safe due to military checkpoints that you’ll pass while heading to the site. So safety is not an issue. The ATV rental place is just in front of the local tax office so it’s really hard to miss.

The terrain is near the mountain of Pinatubo. We decided to head to Tambo Lake which took about 1.5 steady (unrushed) riding.

We didn’t expect that the entire terrain would be our course, which was a shock to us all. We were only anticipating a small portion of the land was going to be available to us.

The scenery was magnificent and the vehicles that we used did its job too well to navigate the terrain.

Expect to get wet, get mud all over your clothes (which were all fun). So bring changing clothes, closed shades, and something to cover your nose and mouth. Headgear (Helmet) is provided by the ATV Operator.

We’re looking forward to going back, hopefully the Margulo falls trail would be available next time.

The trip was worthwhile it was a great way to get back in touch with nature, and appreciate what the world has to offer.

Lessons from the trip

  • All new things are scary, because the brain is programmed to survive, be fearless.
  • Life will be bumpy, messy and scary. Push through and enjoy it everything will turn out just fine.
  • Things come and go, memories and experience will stay for a lifetime, enjoy the time that is given to us. We will never know when this will be taken away from us.

So proud of my wife in overcoming her fear of driving.

You can visit there facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/capasATV/) and contact them.

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